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Communication is fundamental to our approach. We offer clients exactly the level of involvement that they require in order to protect the value of their investment and the success of their enterprise.
We help developers plan for the needs of all those involved in their endeavour, such as current and future freeholders and leaseholders, owner-occupiers or buy-to-let investors as well as interested community and environmental groups.
Our specialist business development division works with house builders and developers and deals exclusively with preparing management strategies for their new development. We’ll work closely with the developer to ensure that all necessary
information is available to facilitate the transfer of ownership and financial responsibilities on the completion of the site.

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We are able to recommend chartered surveyors, architects and interior designers should you require their services. We maintain a roster of independent professionals with whom we have worked with in the past and who have proven their professionalism.


Darcy Property Management Ltd is a professional property management company. We have over 25 years' experience in all aspects of property management. We can also offer ancillary services such as building maintenance, surveying and insurance through other companies that we are comfortable in recommending and with whom we have a strong relationship built up over several years.


Obtaining the right insurance for your home, investment properties and valuables is vital. Ensuring you have enough of the right type of cover can be a complex and time-consuming process. That's why it's helpful to have the expertise of an independent insurance intermediary at your fingertips - it's our job to take the stress out of property management and make your life easier.



We appreciate the importance of maintaining accurate records and rigorous accounting controls. Client monies for each of our buildings are held in separate Trust bank accounts which are set up strictly in accordance with Landlord & Tenant legislation. Discover more



Something will go wrong in most properties during a tenancy – even if it's a brand new build. We have fully-qualified tradespeople on hand to help in an emergency, such as the heat turning off, lock problems or broken windows.



We can refer you to an insurance broking firm who specialise in insurance for residential blocks and are also able to arrange individual policies for homeowners, landlords and tenants. Discover more



We work with a number of surveyors from leading companies. We choose surveyors who have a minimum of 10 years of experience and we can accommodate any requests to work with surveyors of your choice. 

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